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Bishie Survivor Game: Preview & Input

I confess that I am not the creator of the Bishie Survivor game. I participated in this game a few years back when I was a member of a Forum dedicated to bishies *^_^* Since it kept the members' interest for quite some time, I think that playing it here on this site will be a great way to revive it.

It is NOT RPG. So, relax. ^^;; It's actually simple and entertaining.

1. Each member nominates FIVE bishies of their choice from any anime or manga.
2. The nomination period will last for two weeks. THEN, I will compile a final list with no duplicates.
3. Then, the voting starts.
4. How does the voting work? Simple. One star [*] will be assigned to a bishie every time "something" happens to him.
For example: Ashe Ketchum [Pokemon] gets eaten by a tiger. Or, Vegeta [DBZ] gets ravaged by a bunch of wild fangirls/fanboys. Something...anything *^_^*
5. Whenever the bishie reaches a total of THREE stars [***], then he will be stricken from the List.
6. The last remaining bishie will be crowned as the SURVIVOR.

SO, what do you all think? Fun? Lame? "I don't care"?

Well, comment to this post and if I have enough interest then I'll go ahead and open the nominations in a separate post *^_^*
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