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Your First

Before we dive into Bishie Survivor II, let's take a nice detour and 'oogle around' with some of our favorite bishies *^_^* Listed below are some questions we can each answer in order to get to know each other, and our bishie-lovin, a bit better. Enjoy.

1). What was the first anime you watched? What was the first manga you read?
2). When did you become an anime/manga fan? How? TV, friend, random occurence?
3). What is your favorite anime/manga genre/subject you enjoy?
4). What do you like about anime/manga?
5). Do you participate in fanfic, fanart, merchandise collecting, seiyuu worshiping, various media downloading & etc?
6). Which of the following best describes your behaviour:
-Closet Fangirl
-Group Fangirl
-Snobbish Fangirl
-"let's spread the love' fangirl

7) Who was the first bishie you admired? What show was he from? What characteristic did you like about him the most?
8) Which bishie(s) is/are you currrent favorite(s)?

9)...Umm...any other questions we should ask each other? *^_^*
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